Our Company at Glance

We love our work – designing and manufacturing transactional peripherals and thermal direct printers. Nothing we’d rather do (well, almost nothing) than roll up our sleeves and dive deep into the minutiae of problem-solving. Putting things together. Making them work – better, faster, longer.

Way, way back in the early 90s, a group of engineers and businessmen met. At the time, we were working for various companies within the lottery and gaming industry. We worked together for years, getting to know each other personally and professionally, preparing for the day when we would start our own firm. That day came in 1996 – November 21st to be precise.

For the first years in business, we focused on one industry sector – lottery. Specifically, on the design and manufacturing of low-volume OEM thermal direct printers. Our printers meet the demands of high-volume transaction environments as well as the reliability needed by the POS, gaming, lottery, kiosk and amusement industries.

A company is only as good as the people who work there. While this is true, it’s only half of the picture. Recruiting the right people, keeping them challenged and motivated, giving them every opportunity to excel – that’s how successful businesses are built. Time and time again, our people have proven to be up for any engineering challenge.

Our first day in business, Daniel Vienneau stapled this note on the wall:

“Provide our customers the most advanced, efficient, reliable, innovative, customized products and services in the marketplace.”

Our area of expertise is “Transactional Peripherals”. Any time a person buys a theatre or lottery ticket, a restaurant meal, or plays a slot machine in a casino, it’s a transaction that needs printed documentation.

Think of the possibilities! This is what we do.

We ask what if and why not, who needs this and doesn’t know it yet? This is how new products are born. Niches filled. Problems solved. Opportunities created. Yes, Nanoptix is an OEM, but we’re also an Engineering Think-Tank.


Define by doing. Invent the future. Growth is built on Customer Satisfaction.

Strategic Statement:

INGENUITY INSIDE. We are all about imaginative, clever thermal printer designs.


Nanoptix is a global provider of Thermal Direct Printers whose goal is to work with our strategic partners to provide a solution to their needs by either adapting an existing product from our family of printers or by leveraging our strong engineering capacity by developing a custom printer for their specific requirements in the gaming, lottery, kiosk, POS and amusement market.

We want to provide customers with the most Advanced, Efficient, Reliable, Innovative Products and Services in the marketplace. We ask what if and why not, who needs this and doesn’t know it yet? This is how new products are born. Niches filled. Problems solved. Opportunities created. Good ideas are just the start. They have to be built.

We maintain a strong custom design and manufacturing capability using the most current technology available to deliver quality and long-term value to our clients. Currently we’re able to deliver orders from 1,000 to 50,000 units. That’s “currently.” We’re a growing company.